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Issa Asad Explains Why Phone Cards are great for Travelers.

A few decades ago, travelers wouldn’t have been able to affordably stay connected to their friends and family while abroad. In today’s technology-driven society, being able to call friends and family is a necessity, which isn’t necessarily affordable. Cell phone companies charge an exorbitant amount of fees and surcharges for placing phone calls while traveling and abroad.

The use of calling cards is the most affordable way a traveler can stay connected to loved ones. Calling cards are less expensive than cell phone surcharges, and are relatively easy to use while on the go. Plus, travelers can use calling cards to call internationally and locally.

With phone cards, travelers don’t have to worry about calling their friends and family anymore,” said Issa Asad, a telecom expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

Issa Asad says there are two types of phone calls: prepaid and post-paid. While both types of calling cards have their own advantages and disadvantages, Issa Asad revealed that prepaid are the best for travelers. Prepaid phone cards are loaded with credits before being used. Users can add credits before they travel, allowing them to set a budget and limit their travelling expenses.

Prepaid phone cards are also extremely convenient; they may be used by both landline and cell phones, and can be used anywhere around the world and anytime during the day. Purchasing a prepaid phone card is as simple as going to a convenience store, grocery supermarket, gas station or even through the Internet.

Issa Asad recommends travelers to compare different prepaid phone card companies before purchasing. Once the traveler has purchased their choice of prepaid phone card, they are given a PIN number to use for making phone calls. Travelers place phone calls by simply dialing their PIN number, and then the country code, city code and lastly, the phone number.